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With Cryptocurrencies becoming mainstream, many cryptocurrency exchanges are appearing in the market. However still, Binance has its place as one of the leading and safest exchanges. Since the functionality of an exchange is to buy, sell, and trade crypto assets, deciding whether to store assets in crypto exchanges can be…

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Is Digital Yuan an alternative to Bitcoin?
China is the home for more than half of the bitcoin miners. Recently China shocked the entire world with its unpredicted move of banning Bitcoin mining and other related crypto services in China.

Parallelly, it is well known that Chian has been working…

China propels McDonald’s to Expand the Digital Yuan Scheme before Olympics.

A McDonald’s retail shop board in Shanghai, China. Source: Shutterstock

The Digital Yuan Scheme is full-fledged rolling out in China following its crackdown on Bitcoin mining and other related services. As a consequence of this, China is reportedly pushing the expansion of this scheme including everywhere, especially at the fast-food retailer McDonald’s.

The master move!
China has asked the McDonald’s chain…

Crypto launch. Source: Shutterstock

The advent of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology disrupted the finance and investment sectors. They revolutionized the way people looked at finance taking the fruits of decentralization to everyone. Cryptocurrencies gained public attraction due to their decentralized nature. The fiat currencies are under the control of nationalized banks/governments, so when a…

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